Are you winging it?



Practising “hope and pray” training?

Or do you have a clear-cut plan to develop Muay Thai specific power and cardio fitness?

If you are “winging it”, don’t feel bad… you’re not alone. For the better part of my fight career, that’s what I did too.

And for a while it worked.

In the early days, when Muay Thai outside of Thailand was smaller and simpler, “winging-it” got the job done. But as Muay Thai has developed world wide, there are more local full-time gyms, fighters travelling and training in Thailand, and more training information available online, and “winging-it” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

And now, even the top Thais like Buakaw, Pakorn and Saenchai are realising this too. They’re all using strength and conditioning to claim an athletic boost to stay ahead of the competition.


I compiled all of my sports science research and my most effective, practical Muay Thai strength and conditioning programming, and I carefully systemised each and every block and phase of training, from initial preparation through to title fight.

For example:

  • I systemised exercise progressions that develop explosive power WITHOUT the need for sophisticated equipment or advanced Olympic lifting technique.
  • I structured cardio conditioning methods that peaks relentless “bomb-dropping” endurance for your biggest fights…


  • And I created an online system to deliver program blocks to you as you earn the right to do them, just like I do in person with my face-to-face athletes, to maximise athletic development and minimise injury…

…and that’s just to name a few!

Virtually every aspect of training and fight preparation was structured in step-by-step detail for all to see. (And there are over 200 videos, nearly 100 guide documents and templates to download… and growing.)

Then I tested everything…

I handed over these templates and tests via my online portal to less gym-experienced Thai boxers, and even some complete beginners to training.

My goal was simple: I wanted to see if someone with no gym training experience could follow the steps and the exercise tutorial videos could achieve similar results.


Ok, maybe “failed miserably” is a bit harsh… but it needed work. (Although I’m sure was way better than they would have on their own.) And my “guinea pigs” had a lot of questions, which told me I needed to beef up my instructions, guides and videos.

So that’s just what I did.

And then I handed everything over to the fighters again.


I now had something most coaches only dream of having…

  • I had systems…
  • I had guides…
  • I had exercise tutorial videos…
  • I had webinars…
  • I had performance testing and reports…

In short, I’d automated and digitised all aspects of a fighter’s athletic strength and conditioning!

And, athletic they became…


Look, I’m no Joel Jamieson… or Tudor Bompa… or Mike Boyle…

…but I’ve done pretty well.

My personal experience means I have a much deeper knowledge of the sport than most strength and conditioning (S&C) coaches.

I don’t like to brag about what I’ve achieved as a fighter, Muay Thai coach, and S&C coach.

But again I’ve done well. More importantly, my fighters have done well.

They’ve done VERY well…

They’ve won pro titles, and amateur World and European medals, gained full-time sponsorship with Muay Thai camps in Thailand.

As well as success in competition, they’ve also achieved other goals such as:

  • Overcome injury and avoided medical treatment
  • Learned applied Muay Thai sports science
  • Improved technical Muay Thai ability
  • Improved sparring performance
  • Improved cardio fitness
  • Gained confidence

And… this resource is being used by Muay Thai coaches too. Coaches looking to get ahead of the competition, and further their own professional development.


Obviously, there’s more to winning important fights than just being in great athletic shape, but it’s certainly a big part of the game. Effective strength and conditioning has played its part in these achievements, and MOST fighters are getting things very wrong.

Until recently, this programme with its guides, video tutorials, progressive routines, performance testing, reports and calculated exercise loads remained locked in my computer hard drive, for my eyes only.

It was my “mystery ingredient”…


But recently I made the bold (and some might say CRAZY) move at Heatrick.com. I decided to take literally all of my systems, guides and processes…


…and shared it with other Thai boxers, kickboxers and coaches and combat sports professionals.

I called it the “Pro Membership”, because that’s exactly what it is: A professional strength and conditioning membership programme where you get to use new research-based training practices…

…regardless whether you’re a novice or expert fighter or strength trainer.

And as a “Pro member,” you get to see everything… in progressive, sequential chunks, just as you need them and use them.

The portal is literally like my coaching assistant, available 24/7 anywhere in the world!

Right now, inside the Pro membership portal, there are training blocks that…

  • Develop knock out power
  • Build relentless cardio
  • Increase speed and power endurance
  • Taper training to peak for a main fight

These training blocks are without a doubt the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT to achieving these goals. But it’s not enough to improve and then stall.

For example, with this programme offers…

  • Complete training phases from fight to fight, to push you further
  • Exercise progressions to prevent your performance degrading, and ensure you get better every month
  • A gymless strength, power and speed training routine to maintain you gains if you’re stuck without gym equipment
  • Round interval timer (Easy/Medium/Hard) downloads with Muay Thai specific research based work/rest intervals, turning any running or circuit training sessions into Muay Thai specific cardio sessions…

And again, that’s just a SAMPLE!

Here’s a quick look at the scope of the block progression you have available to you (remember, as a Pro member you’ll unlock the next step in your training each and every month).

Phase Block Flow

As the programme unlocks, there’s over 200 videos, and nearly 100 guide documents and templates to download… and growing! I’m adding new detail and updating older info literally every month…

But that’s not all…


All of this cutting edge content is carefully managed through your own online portal, so that you don’t get overwhelmed and confused…

I’ve broken every block of training down into a 7-step process to keep things logical and simple.


1. Block Webinar – How, What & Why… Learn Your Goals

2. Learn Your Exercises – Get Practising

3. Exercise Rep Max Testing – Get Your Strength Sessions Template

4. Strength Sessions Overview – Understanding The Template

5. Cardio Conditioning Sessions Overview – How It Works/Download

6. Muay Thai Sessions Overview – How It Works/Download

7. Example Week Overview – How It Works/Download

You are given access to relevant guides, tutorials and webinars as you need them and use them. The portal literally serves as my “coaching assistant”, delivering everything sensibly — so you can’t get it wrong!


As a Pro member, you also get access to a private Facebook group where you can:

  • Ask questions
  • Share progress
  • Get exercise technique feedback
  • Read relevant articles and watch videos related to topics in the programme
  • Learn more from the others in the team too

This is a open an honest group where you can get help, and help others.


As a Pro Member, you also get direct email support from me if you have ANY questions, or need programme modifications due to:

  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Lack of gym equipment

…And you get this support whenever, and wherever you are…


That’s right…

Your investment today is just £29.99


I want you to get great results, and if you do, you’ll want to stay!

I’m not interested in stitching anyone up, locking them into something they decide they either can’t do or don’t want (although, how can you not want to get in kick-ass condition!)…

So you can cancel ANYTIME, for ANY REASON… absolutely no hard feelings.

My sincere hope is that you’ll love what you see and choose to stay.

If you do, GREAT!

If not, that’s ok, too.

But if you do love it (and I think you will), you’ll pay just £29.99 a month.

Join the programme TODAY for just £29.99 per month

Get Started Now

A paltry sum…

That’s less than the cost of a daily protein shake!

In fact, I’ll make you a deal…

If you don’t get vastly better improvements in your Muay Thai performance using this programme compared to using nutritional supplements, I’ll insist you bow out and look for help somewhere else.

Again, that’s how confident I am in what you’re about to get.

But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at some of the feedback I’ve had…



Muay Thai Guy Sean Fagan recommends
Sean Fagan Pro fighter, owner of Muay Thai Guy, New York USA

“With Muay Thai still being a relatively ‘new’ sport in the mainstream, it’s extremely difficult to find quality information related to strength and conditioning specifically for Thai boxing.

“Fortunately, there’s expert coaches like Don Heatrick who focus solely on strength and conditioning for MUAY THAI. Not MMA, not martial arts, not any other type of sport… specifically for Muay Thai.

“Don’s articles, resources and knowledge has been a godsend to me and the rest of the Muay Thai community.

“He’s been able to translate complicated training terms and philosophies into easy-to-understand language so any Nak Muay can gain the benefits of a solid strength and conditioning programme.

“If you’re serious about your training and want to take your cardio, strength and overall fitness to the next level, there’s no better person to help you with it than Don.”

Andrew Mcilwaine, Cornwall UK

“I think the online set-up is a work of art.”

Julian Nguyen recommends
Julian Nguyen Pro fighter, Massachusetts USA

“Thank you Don Heatrick for all your support, sharing your knowledge and programming for my S&C part of training!! It has made a great difference!”

Campbell Bourne recommends
Cambell Bourne Pro fighter, personal trainer & nutrition coach, Devon UK

“Hi Don, loving the training so far and definitely feeling fitter and stronger all round. And most importantly, I never feel like I’m over trained – even with my nightshifts and odd sleeping patterns.

“Like Joel (Jamieson) says, least amount of volume/work for the desired affect or goal.”

Trinidad Savala co-owner, head Muay Thai instructor for the Muay Thai Academy of Ventura, California USA

“The phase 1 training has improved all aspects of my Muaythai…

It has improved my reflexes, power, strength, conditioning, mobility, stability, and overall well being…

“It has been a wise investment.”

James McKie Recommends
James McKie, strength and conditioning coach, Gloucester UK

“Smart, effective programming with great online support. Don Heatrick provides the full package, combining all elements of the sport to really increase athletic performance.”

Edd Abasolo, Arkansas USA

“Phase 1 was challenging enough without being ridiculously hard.

Anyone can design a programme that kills you.

“So far this programme has met my needs of becoming stronger while maintaining my mobility, flexibility and while allowing me to train in martial arts without being too sore or tired.

“There was also enough variety in the exercises without getting bored. Thanks Don, I am looking forward to starting Phase 2”

Johan Hole recommends
Johan Trygve Hole, fighter, Dombas, Norway

“I have been very busy with training and family after finishing Phase1. I was so happy with my fight performance, thank you! Looking forward to my next fight!

“My neck was so Strong. This man is known for his power, but it did not affect me. I felt confident.

“Phase 1 was amazing to me… the best thing that has happend to my training. I now enjoy S&C, and for the first time I look forward for lifting. And bonus is that I’m no skinny/fat anymore. And I did a performance test before starting Phase 2… everything has improved !!”

Gavin Amor, Lancashire UK

“Don, I can feel the benefit already. Let’s hope it continues, as it’s been much more productive than dozens of physios, both NHS and private, and a handful of osteopaths so far! So thanks again!“

Peter Bernstorff recommends
Peter Bernstroff, Copenhagen Denmark

“Don, I just wanted to give credit where it’s due. This phase has been awesome. So brutal, but I am feeling clear results, and as I move through the deload week, I am excited to see what the next month will bring.”

Alden Phipps recommends
Alden Phipps, Vancouver, Canada

“The programme is fantastic so far. I feel much sturdier and stronger overall, while maintaining agility and explosiveness.

“I also think the foam rolling and movement prep has made a big difference in avoiding injury and slight strains, which I would sometimes get in the past from training.”

HAVE A QUESTION? It’s probably answered below…

Q: Does online strength and conditioning coaching work?

Yes! All strength and conditioning programming for this membership is written by Don Heatrick, who’s work is publicly acclaimed throughout the Muay Thai community.

His specialist performance training knowledge and Muay Thai fighting/coaching experience, combined with unique content delivery via a personal member’s portal and unrivalled personal support, makes this a very credible and effective way to receive top quality coaching.

Q: Will the programme interfere with my current Muay Thai training regime?

Not at all – the programme is periodised (planned) to minimise interference effects from all the training demands. The programme also suggests Muay Thai session types (intensity and objective) to compliment the blocks of training, rather than detailing specifics.

This allows you to carry on training at your Muay Thai camp as normal, albeit with a different focus.  The reality is that you have far less control over the specifics of your Muay Thai training compared to your weight training and conditioning sessions. As long as the majority of your Muay Thai work falls within the suggested type, then you’re bang on.

Q: Can I do other gym training while I’m following the programme?

That’s not a good idea. It’s not only what you do that gets results, it’s also what you don’t do! Different training methods can interfere with each other and cancel out gains or even make you worse!

The power of a periodised programme is that everything is coordinated to target just the right thing at the right time. If you throw in something else you can completely destroy the performance enhancing effect. A baking analogy works well here – if you start randomly adding ingredients to a cake as you bake it, it’s very likely to turn out bad.

Q: I’m new to weight training, will this programme be too advanced?

No, you’ll be fine – in fact beginners progress quicker initially as you have more untapped potential! The programme assumes no previous exercise experience beyond some basic Muay Thai training. Exercises start out simple and progress to more advanced exercise versions as you need them.

Detailed exercise tutorial videos are provided and you can ask for help with your technique via email or the private Facebook group. You can even post video footage of your technique if you want it checked out.

Q: I’ve weight trained for years, is it suitable for me?

Absolutely yes! Although we start simple (in terms of exercise selection), the exercise combinations prescribed in each block is very sophisticated. Even if you’ve used the exercises before, the way they’re trained and combined will be entirely new. You’ll still progress very well.

As you advance through the programme blocks and phases you’ll begin to come across new exercise versions when they’re needed. Remember, just because you’ve discovered the spinning hook kick (Chorake Fad Hang), that doesn’t mean there’s no place in your Muay Thai for the round house kick (Dtae)!

Q: Is the programme suitable for females?

Yes, the programme is designed to cater for ladies too. Female specific issues are addressed and strength standards applied, so you aren’t left out.

Q: What kind of equipment do I need for this programme?

The first phase in particular only requires access to rudimentary gym equipment:

  • Barbells
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells (optional)
  • Medicine ball
  • Flat weight bench (incline bench optional)
  • Plyometric boxes (can use weight bench if required)
  • Low hurdles (can use Muay Thai pads if required)

Q: Will I need a heart rate monitor?

A heart rate monitor is optional. There’s extra detail to be gained if you have one, but it’s not essential.

Q: How often will I have to train each week?

By default, the programme is structured for optimum results for top–level professional fighters. HOWEVER, adjustments are also available for recreational Muay Thai athletes too. The minimum you’re looking at is 2x weight training sessions each week alongside your existing Muay Thai sessions.

The maximum is typically 2x weight training sessions, 3x short conditioning sessions and up to 5x Muay Thai sessions each week. Templates give examples of how you can best arrange these, but you must be guided by what’s practical for you too.

Q: How frequently will content be released?

Main programme blocks are released to you every 4-weeks, and other content and support material is released all the time.

Q: Can I follow training blocks more than once?

Yes you can. The blocks all feed into each other, and the final speed and power endurance block should be once again followed with a transition block before moving onto a new strength and aerobic power phase.

Even if you repeat the same phase 1 blocks again, the differences between adjacent blocks and the fact the loads will all be brand new, means you’ll keep progressing.

Q: What happens if I get ill or injured and can’t follow the programme?

Firstly, don’t stop training unless you have to! There’s usually a work around and another area you can focus on to keep forging forwards. Get in contact with Don and ask for his advice.

If you’re realistically not going to be able to train for a month or more, then you have the option to suspend your membership temporarily. You can then pick up your Pro member records and programme just where you left off.

Q: What age do you need to be to use this programme?

You must be at least 18-years-old to use this programme. If you’re younger than this you’ve not physically fully matured and the methods and loadings won’t be suitable for you.

Q: I don’t want to fight. Will this programme work for me?

Yes, the programme will make you stronger, more powerful, faster and fitter. You’ll craft an athletic physique and massively reduce your likelihood of injury. If you choose not to use this against an opponent, that’s entirely up to you!

Q: I can’t wait to get started, will I have to wait for you to ship me all the information before I can begin?

Assuming there’s currently Pro places available, as soon as you order you’ll get instant access to the first 4-week block of training and all the support material in the your private online portal. No hanging around. Get straight on it.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?

Then you can cancel your subscription at anytime, for whatever reason. No worries.

What’s more, if you’ve not got fitter and stronger in 16-weeks on the programme you can have all you’re money back.

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